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info before buying a remote control

If after a few years of use of the remote control some buttons are getting worse, it may be caused by wiping contact fields or keypad elements with conductive rubber. Repairing these failures can be problematic - it is usually more economical to buy a new remote.

When buying a new remote, we are faced with a choice - whether the original pilot (the best, but usually the most expensive or unattainable), or replacement (usually the only alternative), and finally a universal remote.
Replacements of original pilots are manufactured by specialized companies, which ensures high quality, and thanks to the typical construction a low price. They do not require programming, and the description of the keyboard coincides with the original. They can have a few extra keys when the replacement covers a wider range of original pilots.
Manufacturers' names and factory-made brands belong to their owners and are presented on the shop's website for informational purposes only

The best way to choose the right remote control is to write the model and number from the original product from the device's nameplate or look it up in the warranty card or instructions.




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